Berlin DanceFest – 18.-20. Oktober 2024 – Dance Weekend & Championships

DAS mega Modern Jive Tanzwochenenden des Jahres! Es gibt nicht nur die “üblichen” (Motto-) Partys, Workshops, Showtänze, Sightseeing und gemeinsamen Abendessen – sondern auch unsere selbst kreierten (mittlerweile 3.) German Modern Jive Championships! Die Championships sind Teil des Wochenendes und im Preis enthalten. Es besteht aber keine Verpflichtung, daran teilzunehmen. Tanzsüchtige haben den Vorteil, an so vielen Kategorien teilnehmen zu können, wie sie wollen. Das Wochenende ist auch geeignet für AnfängerInnen mit Vorkenntnissen. Wir empfehlen eine Mindestanzahl von 6-8 Modern Jive Classes. Es kommen viele internationale TänzerInnen und wir fliegen für euch Weltklasse-LehrerInnen aus UK ein

It is THE dance weekend of the year! There are not only the “usual” (fancy dress) parties, workshops, show dances, sightseeing and dinners. No! We also host our very own (now 3rd) German Modern Jive Championships! The champs are part of the weekender and are included in the price. However, there is no obligation to take part. Dance addicts can join as many categories as they like. The weekend is also suitable for beginners with some good MJ foundations. We recommend to have attended 6-8 beginner classes. We expect lots of international dancers and we fly in world class MJ teachers for you from the UK!

Angebot / what we offer

  • Modern Jive Workshops am Sa und So Nachmittag
  • internationale TanzlehrerInnen
  • 3 (Motto-) Partys:
    • Fr – ?
    • Sa – Elegant
    • So – ?
  • Showtänze
  • optionales gemeinsames Abendessen (Selbstkostenbasis)
  • Zentraler Veranstaltungsort, wir tanzen in einer Kirche
  • Championships Samstag Morgen/Mittag
  • workshops on Sat + Sun afternoon
  • international dance teachers
  • 3 (theme) parties:
    • Fri – ?
    • Sat – dress to impress
    • Sun – ?
  • show dances
  • optional dinner together (at own cost)
  • central venue, we dance inside a church
  • champs Sat morning/noon

Der Weekender ist auch für Anfänger (mit Vorgenntnissen) geeignet. Man sollte wenigstens 6 Mal beim Unterricht vorher gewesen sein.

The weekender is also suitable for beginners with knowledge of Modern Jive. We recommend to attend at least 6 regular lessons before the event.

Thanks, Jay, for the great video! For a longer version, please scroll further down.

Kategorien / Categories German Modern Jive Champs

Hier ist die Kurzfassung der Kategorien. Ausführliche Informationen gibt es auf der Champs-Seite.

Here’s an overview of the categories. You find more information on the separate page.

  • Dance with a Stranger
  • First Timers
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • “Meisterhaft” (random mix of intermediate, advanced and open level dancers, judged individually)
  • Open
  • Wompom (Herausforderung / challenge)
  • Showcase (Paare und Gruppen / couples and teams)

TanzlehrerInnen / dance teachers

Matt and Sarah ‘Simply Modern Jive’ have over 50 years of dance experience between them.  They’ve been qualified Modern Jive teachers since 2009 and are known for a teaching style which encompasses strong technique whilst making moves accessible.

Matt has competed in Modern Jive for 18 years and is twice Open World Champion amongst his many titles. Sarah has a couple of UK Open titles to her name.

Both were part of the ground-breaking 2 Hot Rhythm competition team, and went on to choreograph and coach BUST (the Bristol University Student Team) who continued their success on the dance floor.  They both have a real passion for teaching and love being part of the Modern Jive community.

Teaching since 2009 and now making dance his career. Matt strives to improve technique, musicality and creative movement in others, enabling dancers to become competent and confident.

Mevans is performance! Current World Modern Jive Championships triple winner and holding the Grand Masters and Open winner title in many other Championships. He is no stranger to getting the crowd going with his unique styling, relentless energy and diverse abilities.

Despite these glory stories, Matt has had a long humbling road on his path to success and appreciates that everyone has their own journey with challenges along the way. Valuing dances with simply anyone who’ll partner him, he’ll always endeavour to inspire confidence!

Over the years Matt has dipped into many styles of dance and uses different styles to choreograph. His “performance workshops” encourage groups to perform to their best and to create inspirational videos. Not just demonstrating the joys of dance – but also that anyone can do it!

Nele and Jasper, owners of Jive.Berlin, with weekly classes and monthly parties, they host 2 weekenders a year – with one of them including the German Modern Jive Championships! Nele and Jasper competed at the World Modern Jive Championships and Nele placed 1st with Vicky Mykytiuk in “Here come the Girls” at the International Open Modern Jive Championships 2018.

They love the smooth Kiwi/Australian style of Modern Jive and are also big fans of musicality, expression, dance „conversation”, mixing different dance styles and general creativity on the dance floor.

Nele and Jasper first got to know Modern Jive in New Zealand and Australia where they both had lived for a while. When they came back they missed it so much that Nele decided to bring it here and become a teacher herself. She put in a lot of work to build a local MJ dance community from scratch but her belief in this beautiful and social dance keeps her going through highs and lows. With the help of a great international network of other teachers/friends she was able to start teaching back in 2014 and grow her skills. Thanks to all lovely supporters (the list would be too long)!

Veranstaltungsort / venue

Kirchengemeinde Philipp-Melanchthon / church hall
Kranoldstr. 16, 12051 Berlin Neukölln (nahe S-Bahnhof Hermannstrasse)

Zeitplan / schedule

Dies ist der Plan aus 2023 / This is last year’s example:

Preis / costs

  • 150 Euro – Komplettes Wochenende (inkl. Championships) / full weekend pass
  • 16 Euro – pro Party
  • 5 Euro – externe Zuschauer (German Modern Jive Championships) / spectators

Unterkunft / hotel

Motel Plus Neukölln, Silbersteinstrasse 30-34, 12051 Berlin (3 Minuten entfernt / 3 minutes away)

Zimmer sind begrenzt, schnell buchen / available rooms are limited, hurry

  • Einzelzimmer ab 57 Euro pro Nacht / single room starting at 57 Euro per night
  • Doppelzimmer ab 66 Euro pro Nacht / double room starting from 66 Euro per night

Frühstücksbuffet für 9,50 Euro pro Person bei Bedarf / breakfast buffet available for 9,50 Euro per person

Weitere Hotels / more hotels you can try

Falls das Motel Plus ausgebucht ist, kannst du es hier noch versuchen. Sie sind 10 Minuten Fußweg oder 2 U-Bahn Haltestellen entfernt. / In case Motel Plus is booked out you can try these options. They are either a 10 minute walk or 2 U-Bahn stops away.

Solltest du hier kein Glück haben, melde dich – wir finden eine Unterkunft für dich! Wir können auch weiter entfernte Hotels vermitteln oder mit Airbnb oder einer Couch aushelfen ;0)

Should you have trouble getting a room, just let us know – we’ll find something for you! We can recommend hotels further away or help with Airbnb or a couch ;0)

Längerer Eindruck vom DanceFest / longer impression of our DanceFest

Thanks, Jay, for the great video!

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